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member can do the following.

  • check your order status
  • you do not need filling out your information from the second time
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  • create an account
How to use coupon
filling out coupon code
Add your items to your bag and go to the checkout
Proceed to confirm your entry after you fill out payment method,designated date delivery and coupon code.
Please type using half-width character.
error message are displayed if you type wrong coupon code or coupon is expired.


error message are displayed if you type wrong coupon code or coupon is expired.
condition differ with coupon. please read caution before use.
You can only use one code at a time
when you order target product and exclude product at the same time, coupon apply only for target product.
get point by after use coupon price
if you forget to apply coupon you can not apply coupon after you purchase
discount is only for products. please note shipping and handling fee is exempt from discount.
no refund for difference when price less than face value
Customer Service
Our live customer support is based in the JAPAN.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments about your order or our products.

 Email Us

Most emails will responded to within 24-48 hours but please allow us more time during busy periods.
Credit Card
銀聯(UnionPay Net Payment)
shipping cost【JAPANESE(yen)】
Free shipping over 30000yen.
Please refer to the following.
shipping weight
【Tshirt/1PCS = 250g】,【SWEATSHIRT/1PCS = 600g】,【OUTWEAR/1PCS = 900g】
  Asia Oceania, North America, Central America Europe and the Middle East South America and Africa
Up to 500g 1400 2000 2200 2400
Up to 600g 1540 2180 2400 2740
Up to 700g 1680 2360 2600 3080
Up to 800g 1820 2540 2800 3420
Up to 900g 1960 2720 3000 3760
Up to 1.0kg 2100 2900 3200 4100
Up to 1.25kg 2400 3300 3650 4900
Up to 1.5kg 2700 3700 4100 5700
Up to 1.75kg 3000 4100 4550 6500
Up to 2.0kg 3300 4500 5000 7300
Up to 2.5kg 3800 5200 5800 8800
Up to 3.0kg 4300 5900 6600 10300
Shipping type:Express Mail Service(EMS)
we confirm order at 11am (japan time)
when you order after 11am it confirm next busines day. please call us if you are in hurry but we might not be able to meet your request.
order reception,all orders process and ship Monday - Friday, excluding federal holidays.
shipment might delayed to availability of the order product.
Normally, derivery is made 6-10 business day after receipt of order.
if you have not received order confirmation even after 3 business day the following can be considered
  • order not completed
  • put a wrong address
  • Incoming e-mail rejecting system. Please remove from 「」
  • please contact if you do not receive e-mail
To registered of webmail customers
when you use webmail may not reach order confirmation ,shipment or reply of inquiry because of destination server error
please check your setting email
we will be sure to reply inquiry
please call to us when you cannot receive email or you are in hurry.
email might sent to spam folder
sometimes when system judged email is spam will delated immidently please check your mail setting carefully